What a privilege it is to build on the foundation of 168 years of Jesus-centered ministry at Central Christian Church! God truly has done amazing things in and through this body of believers. Now, as we stand on the shoulders of the faithful followers who have gone before us, we are asking God to do even greater things in the days and years to come.
The Bible is pretty clear, some things only happen as a result of prayer AND fasting. (Luke 2:37, Acts 13:2-3, Acts 14:23) As we move into this new period of ministry at Central, this church is asking God to move in a mighty way. That our Heavenly Father would smile as we stretch ourselves a little. That our faith grows and we experience His unstoppable power, unprecedented favor, and undeniable presence. In doing this, we, the Central family, will dedicate time to seek Him with great anticipation for what He has in store.
The concept is simple. An intentional shift of focus physically and mentally, in order to seek something spiritually. Moses did it. Daniel did too. Jesus Himself fasted as He prepared for powerful ministry. Let’s follow His example in this, and all we do.
Now, and always, may the Living God be present AND pleased with us… HIS CHURCH at Central!  The album, devotional, and 40-day transition are together meant to shift our focus, corporately as the Central Family.
As we Love God and Love People to an even greater transformative level - may God continue to shine His light bright!
For the first time in nearly a decade, Central Worship will produce an all new, original album - PRESENT AND PLEASED. The album includes original songs including KINGDOM FALL, WE YOUR PEOPLE, NEW DAY, WE LOVE, and others.  As we worship, may the all-powerful, Living God, be Present and Pleased!

The Live Album Recording Night is Wednesday April 14 at 6pm in the Worship Center. Childcare available (Birth-age 3).
On Sunday May 23, Senior Pastor Jamie Allen will conclude a powerful 21 year ministry at Central. With his retirement, the elders have named Jon Henninger as Central's new Lead Pastor.  Let's pray together for God's favor in this transition and the future of Central.
From April 14 to May 23, we will embark on a 40-day corporate fast.  While most Biblical fasting is abstaining from food, there is definite spiritual significance in fasting from anything that occupies our usual attention.  A 40-day devotional from the Central Pastors will be available as a guide. Copies will be in the atrium and the CentralNOW app.  And, in the final week, join Central for PRESENT AND PLEASED PRAYER NIGHTS Monday May 17 - Thursday May 20 from 5-7pm in the Worship Center. 
Sign-up for your day of fasting from food so the Central Staff can be praying for you that day!