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Present & Pleased Devotional DAY FOURTEEN

There are many things that I wish I knew better. I wish I knew Spanish better so that I could communicate with my son-in-law’s family. I would love to know more about engines so that I could fix my car or lawn mower whenever there is trouble. And I would love to know how to cook better so that I could impress my friends and family with my culinary skills. But until I take steps to learn Spanish, to understand engines, or to improve my cooking skills, nothing changes.

When Moses was leading the Israelites to the Promise Land, he had a burning desire (do you get the pun?) to know God more fully. After all, it was God who called him to this task in the first place. Moses knew that nothing would change unless he took action.

So, Moses makes this request of God in Exodus 33:13 – “Let me know your ways so that I may know you more fully and continue to enjoy your favor.” Moses would also make this request of God, “Show me Your glory.”

The same is true for you and me that was true for Moses. We will not know God more fully unless we take action. May we commit to study God’s Word and pray.

And may we pray the same prayer that Moses did, “Show me Your glory.” God will answer your prayer.

Espero que puedas conocer a Dios más plenamente!

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