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Present & Pleased Devotional DAY TWENTYONE

Something we should look at often is our journey from the past to the present. Reflecting on the past, what was, helps guide us into a new future. Reflecting on the past gives us wisdom, courage, and motivation to keep moving forward into the future.

Central Christian Church is 168 years old. God has lived in the lives of thousands of people who found their relationship with Jesus at this church. This church was established in 1853 and is still alive and still reaching people for Jesus, 168 years later! Central has had a positive past and it has an exciting future.

Things have changed a lot since 1853, but the Word of God never changes. The purpose of the church remains the same, loving God, loving people, worshiping God, teaching God’s Word, and reaching others with the good news about Jesus. The past is for remembering, but the present is what is important. The past is good to remember, and those memories should remind to us stay focused on the future.

I am sure it would be hard for the first 21 people who attended Central 168 years ago, to imagine what their church, God’s church, has become in 168 years: from the first attendance of 21 people to a weekly average attendance of over 1600 people. As we think about the past 168 years, a lot of people have found a personal relationship with Jesus. Many hundreds of lives have been changed as Jesus became the Lord of their lives.

Yes, the past is for remembering, only to help us build a positive future as we go forward.

Central Christian Church is all about helping people change their lives into being fully devoted followers of Jesus. This is our mission from the past to the present, and future.

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