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Present & Pleased Devotional DAY THIRTY

Fore! That’s what you yell when your golf shot is headed towards other people and they could be in danger. Hopefully you never have to yell it after one of your shots on the golf course, but if you do, it’s because something in your shot has gone wrong.

The annual Central Missions Open is happening again. This has always been a fun day for golfers to get together and have a great time while also raising funds for a mission organization Central Christian Church supports. This year the organization is Central Brazil Mission.

Central Brazil Mission is a ministry that uses a boat on the Amazon River to care for people in a variety of ways. Earl and Ruth Anne Haubner went to Brazil in 1969 and have now been living and doing ministry there over 50 years. The Amazon River project is focused on Christ, life, and health.

Central Christian Church has financially supported and sent numerous teams to serve Earl, Ruth Anne, and the people of Central Brazil for several years. On these trips we have had the opportunity to care for people medically. Eye and dental exams are common. Basic medicine education and treatments happen as well.

Recently Covid-19 has created turmoil for Central Brazil Mission. Restrictions have been extremely tight, and it has taken a toll on the progress of ministry. Would you join us in prayer for Earl and Ruth Anne Haubner and Central Brazil Mission? Pray they can do the ministry they are planning and are able to meet the needs of the people they encounter along the river.

Thank you to everyone participating in the Central Missions Open this year. It takes golfers, sponsors, and donors to put together such a great event that benefits great organizations.

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