The safety of your child while in our care is of great importance to us.

In order for your child to attend any of our classes on the weekend, you will need to visit one of the various Check-In stations found at the entrance to Kid Depot.  Your child will be given a security tag–one sticker is to be placed on the child’s shirt and one is to be kept with you to check your child out.  You must bring your security tag when checking your child out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How early can I check in my child?
Check in begins 30 minutes prior to service time.

2. This is our first time attending Central.  What do I need to do to check in my child?
Please visit the “First-Time Families” check-in station located in front of Kid Depot.  You will be asked to complete a brief form with some basic information.  To save time, click the following link to print off and fill out the Child Registration Form to bring with you.  Once you have filled out a registration form, you can check all of your children in at the same time instead of checking each one in as a “visitor” weekly.

3. What if I have more than one child?
In an effort to ensure greater security, each of your children will be assigned a separate security code.  You will notice the security code underneath the barcode on their security tag.  Make sure you keep your security tag because you will have to show it at each room/area you visit to pick up your children.

4. What if I lose my security tag?
Everyone picking up a child must have a security tag.  If you have lost your security tag, you will need to speak to a Children’s Ministry staff member and show your driver’s license to verify that you are who should be picking up the child.

5. What if my child’s security code appears on the screen in the Worship Center or my classroom?
That means that we need you to come and care for your child.  If your child’s security code comes up on the screen, then please go directly to Kid Depot.  A volunteer leader or staff member will meet you and let you know what your child needs.