I love being a Children’s Pastor. In children’s ministry there is lots of laughter, lots of love, and LOTS of energy, and there is something so special about sharing moments of worship and learning with kids. They are natural carriers of joy! I believe that children contribute greatly to the life of the church, and there are so many lessons to be learned from children living out their faith. I want to share with you some characteristics of children that I believe are a great reminders to adults:

Children are compassionate & empathetic.  They feel deeply and love deeply.  

Children are eager to learn.  I have been asked some tough questions over the years! I love the curiosity and the excitement that children have about learning something new.  When they learn something new about Jesus, they are eager to share with the people in their lives, knowing how valuable and precious that new knowledge is.

Children are prayer warriors.  They pray for their families, their friends, their teachers.  They pray honestly and openly.  They pray with thankfulness and gratitude. 

Children are excited about being a part of the church.  From Sunday mornings in the children’s service, to Central Serve day, to meeting with their small groups in zoom meetings.  Kids are excited about being a part of the church AND contributing to/serving the church.

This list could go on and on!

In the book of Matthew, Jesus rewards the faith of children. There is something so beautiful and powerful about the way that children live out their faith! So today let’s let the children of our church remind us of the joy having a relationship with Jesus. 

“Father, thank you for teaching us valuable lessons through your children. Help us to have childlike faith.  Give us energy, excitement, thankfulness, and love, so that we can better share the joy of knowing you with those around us. Amen.”

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Central Christian Church | Mount Vernon, Illinois