Begin by discussing your own understanding of worship. When thinking about this word, what comes to mind and why?

Before hearing Eric’s sermon and definition of worship, what was your idea of worship? The way you worship shapes the way you believe, which in turns shapes the way you live. What does this mean? Discuss.

Eric said, “Worship is a verb. It’s not something done to us or for us but BY us.  The Webster definition of worship is the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. Worship literally means “to attribute worth” to someone or something.” Read Mark 12:30 and Romans 12:1. How does this play into your own life? Where do you fail and where do you excel? Explain.

Gerrit Gustafson said, “Worship is the act and attitude of wholeheartedly giving ourselves to God, spirit, soul, and body.  Worship is simply the expression of our love for God.” Why might this be easier for some but harder for others? How have you seen this quote play out in your own life? How did we see this lived out through Jesus? Discuss.

So, if our expression of love for God is through worship, we know love requires sacrifice; it costs us something. Our true and proper worship must first start with a personal relationship with God. Eric said, “Our personal worship is how we set the tone for what our worship looks like in each area of our life. Personal worship reminds us that we don’t worship for other people but for God. Prioritizing personal worship often means sacrifice.  It can mean sacrificing time, sacrificing our wants, or even sacrificing things we hold most dear.” Name two ways you worship God throughout the week and name two things you have a hard time sacrificing and why.

Read Psalm 122:1. Jesus just doesn’t deserve our very best, He expects our very best. Read Ephesians 5:19. So, is your worship shaping how you live? Discuss three ways you can implement worship in your everyday life, that it becomes a witness to others by the way you live. Close by praying for those who come to church but don’t implement it and that’s their only time of worship and for those who don’t come to church and don’t know God.