Optics: #4

Doubting Thomas


Why is the resurrection so important to our faith? Read Romans 10:9. The foundation of our faith is based on the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just as Thomas did, there are steps we can take to grow our faith and be confident in who Jesus is and what He accomplished for us. Thomas wanted to believe Jesus lives again, but it didn’t seem possible. In times of doubt, do you still want to believe? How does our doubt motivate us to know the truth?


You would think everyone wants to believe, right? List some reasons why people don’t want to believe in the resurrection. Read John 3:19-20. Jesus calls us to deny our old selves and follow Him. What have you had to give up to follow God, whole heartedly? Discuss.


Pride can be a huge barrier in believing in Jesus. Read Psalm 10:4. Thomas put himself in a position to discover truth. He went back to the disciples instead of fleeing or going to society. Where can you be putting yourself to discover truth? Jamie mentioned three things you can do to put yourself in better situations to find truth. Attend a Bible preaching church, be selective, and spend time with people who follow Christ. Which of these three do you struggle with the most? Explain.


Our faith isn’t based on a myth but sufficient evidence. God isn’t worried about your questions, but rather is welcome to them. God wants us to honestly examine the evidence and come to know Him through it. Read Psalm 19:1-2. How does creation provide evidence for you that there is a creator? Another staple of our faith is the Bible. God’s word breathed out by Him has stood the test of time and has fulfilled every prophecy. Read Romans 10:17. How does scripture lead you to believe in Christ? What evidence does it provide you for believing in Him alone? List three ways or verses then discuss with the group why.


The resurrection is the foundation of the Christian faith. It would be important to examine the evidence of the resurrection. Would you ever die for a lie? The disciples claimed they saw Jesus and died rather than deny seeing Him. Read Mark 16:16. What is keeping you from giving your life to Christ? A great appeal of Christianity is Jesus is still alive. How does this give you hope throughout your daily life? Jamie mentioned if there are 1,000 steps between you and God, God will take 999 of them leaving you the last step. How does God meeting you were you are give you confidence? What does God do most that means the most to you? Pray about taking that last step today and remember the sacrifice God gave up for you! Close by reading John 3:16.