12.9.18| Jesus: Why He Came


Jamie explained a ransom back in Bible times was connected to slavery. Read Romans 6:17 and Mark 10:45. What were you once or still a slave too? Discuss. We don’t always realize the price Jesus paid for us. When we fully understand the price He paid, how can it motivate us to live a life honoring Him?

When Adam and Eve sinned, it separated us from our Father and we became cursed by sin. Satan is the master of lies and promises us freedom when really, he brings us slavery. Read 2 Peter 2:18-19. You may not fall into the sin of addiction, but you may be full of selfish ambition just as the disciples were. But we as followers of Jesus are called to be servants! Read Mark 10:43-45. How can you be a servant of Christ? Why do you think some people struggle with this?

Sometimes it’s easy to pass over, but in the Old Testament there are hints of Jesus coming and paying the ransom for our sin. He sent encouragement to us saying how He would save us from our sin. How has he encouraged you when you have been struggling? Throughout the Old Testament, God makes it clear sin is death and we can’t experience eternal life without the sacrifice of our Savior. Read Isaiah 53:3-6. What sin has He saved you from?

Read Psalm 49:7-9 and John 10:18. This shows Jesus’ unending love for us in giving Himself up freely. What would you give your life for? Would you die for your faith?

Jamie shared a quote saying, “Jesus would rather go to Hell for you, than go to Heaven without you”. Isn’t it amazing how great His love is for us? He showed us we were worth dying for. Does that make you feel great importance? Why or why not?

God shows us grace when we deserved punishment. Read Romans 3:22-24. We as Christians are free from sin and are called to be servants of God. Jesus is our example and we are to serve just as He served us. Who and where can you be serving to show the love of Christ? Discuss then pray for each other asking God to give peace only He can provide knowing we always have hope in Jesus!