ALL IN: #7

Expectations: Give Generously


Read Matthew 6:4. Do you feel when you do something good, you want to be noticed for it? How does this verse challenge those thoughts? We are called to obey God’s commands and to give regularly. We may give when it is preached on or give every once and awhile, but why do we not give regularly? Discuss.

Read 2 Corinthians 9:7. God wants us to give out of a response to what He has done and how He has blessed us already. It is easy for us to go out and spend money on ourselves, but why is it so hard to give cheerfully to the church?

We live in a world where our money is mishandled all the time, so we become hesitant to give submissively. But just as the first church did, we are called to give our resources to the church and trust their guidance and decisions. Read Acts 4:34-35. What has kept you from giving submissively in the past? Dave Ramsey said “The Bible does NOT say, “Money is the root of all evil.” It says “The love of money is…” We are called to manage money for God not worship it.” Giving generously will help us avoid greed and the love for money. Giving generously reminds us of what is eternal.

Discuss some ways how giving generously would advance the Kingdom. Read Matthew 24:14. When you give, you are equipping the church to spread the good news to all nations and to our community. Read Ephesians 5:25. If you love something or someone you must make sacrifices. For us to truly love the church, we must give. There is an old saying “You can give without loving. But you can’t love without giving.” How has this rung true in your own life? Explain.

Read Mark 10:29-30. Have you ever been hesitant to give because you felt like you needed the money just to get by? But God makes it very clear that He will invest in you if you invest in Him. Sometimes those blessings may not be financial, but they may be spiritual or eternal. God takes care of His children, so don’t be afraid to give. Do you have more investments on earth than you do in heaven? What steps can you make to change that? With it being Top 10 Weekend, challenge yourself to give generously and go ALL IN with your finances!