Trevor talked about having self-control and what it takes to have these fruits in our lives. We understand Galatians 5:22-23, but how do we keep the Spirit doing this work within us, producing these fruits? How do we stay connected to the Spirit? We must pray, consistently read the Bible, and spend time with others who have the Spirit. These are so basic, but why is it so hard? Discuss.

Read John 15:1-5. Trevor used the analogy of his cell phone. Just like a phone not being charged, the longer we go unplugged from the Bible, the longer we go unconnected, the less fruit we produce. As you just read, Jesus said “Apart from Me you can do nothing.” Did you know, self-Control starts before the event? It’s rarely planned, it’s a natural reaction, and we’re in situations all the time out of our control. The ability to respond with self-control is dependent upon how closely we are connected to the Holy Spirit.” Discuss an instance where you had to use self-control and patience, then read Luke 6:45.

The words coming out of our mouths display what’s already going on in our hearts. Why is self-control necessary? What happens if you aren’t aware and conscious of how you act and what you say? Explain. Then discuss Galatians 5:13. “There is not freedom without self-control.”

Trevor said, a sound mind = self-control.

A mind that lacks the Holy Spirit is limited in –

      • Outlook
      • Is selfish
      • Is deficient in the ability to cope.
      • And will twist situations.

Having a sound mind requires a thought process of wisdom and clarity. A sound mind is –

    • Stable, healthy and alert.
    • Guarded through prayer.
    • Not overly concerned with the problems of this life.
    • Trusts God above all else.

Discuss the differences in the mindsets above. Then pray for each other, asking God to make you more aware of situations to have self-control. Then close by reading 2 Timothy 1:7.