Jamie said, “The Bible warns against the sin of laziness and idleness.   But on the other hand, we shouldn’t just go barreling into activity not knowing where we’re going, where we’re going to land, what we’re going to accomplish. Maybe, occasionally, you stop and ask, “Where am I going? What’s the use of it all? How can I stop all this activity?   What’s the purpose? You may get attention from the world but maybe not the approval of God.” Read Ecclesiastes 2:17. Discuss.

How can you be productive in the areas that are most important? i.e. (Your relationship with God, and your relationships with other people.) After learning of Solomon, the past two weeks, what have you grown to learn? How can we use Solomon’s wisdom in the book of Ecclesiastes to better our own life? List three ways and discuss.

Why do we tend to brag about our business when it’s actually tearing us apart? God does not want us to live at a hectic pace all the time. Read about the fourth commandment in Exodus 20:8-11. Though we’re not under the Old Testament law anymore, Jamie mentions the principle is still valid. We need a day of rest. Explain how you have seen a day of rest making a difference in your life and others. How can we better arrange our schedule to allow our bodies/mind/spirit a day of rest?

Read Ecclesiastes 2:22-23. Solomon saw how useless it is to churn, stress and rush over everything when it all can be taken away or given away in the end. Jamie said, Solomon’s remedy can be found in the next few verses. Read Ecclesiastes 2:24-25 & 3:11. “All the things you chase in this world will never satisfy the hunger in your heart. Only Jesus can.” Read Matthew 6:33. Is trusting Jesus hard for you? Discuss.

Jamie said, “When we put God first, family second, job third, hobbies fourth; life falls into place and there is order. But it’s easier said than done because the immediate often crowds out the important.” What can you do to make sure first things come first and say no to the secondary? What happened in your life when God came first?

Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-3. Write down one thing you need to unplug from in your life. Whether it be tv, less phone before bed, or more time with God one on one in a quiet place. Close in prayer by reading John 6:27. Make it a point to be more aware to slow down and spend time in quietness with God, making Him your number one priority.