For all of you that know about the Enneagram personality test, my personality is type 9: The Peacemaker.  When I read through descriptions of the type 9 personality, some of the traits hit too close to home.

Struggles with conflict- check!

Can see multiple sides of a situation- check!

Worries about what others think- check!

Can I be vulnerable and honest with you for a moment? I am in a season of worry.  Making decisions as a parent and church leader during a year of confusion and chaos has weighed heavily on my heart, and I find myself awake at night thinking about what the people around me might be thinking or feeling.  Will the church congregation support me through difficult decisions and figuring out how to minister through a pandemic? Will I have prepared my children enough for school, and what will their teachers think? I could go on and on. I’m sure you can relate! 

Trevor made a few key points in his sermon this weekend that describe what worrying can do:

Worrying about what others think RESTRICTS your enjoyment in life.

Worrying about what others think FEEDS insecurity.

Worrying about what others think DRAINS you of energy that you could give to the positive things in your life.

Can you see the truth of those statements? I can too!

But there is another kind of truth that I am holding tight too in these difficult days.  God has called us out of darkness, and into light.  God has lavished his LOVE upon us.  We are children of God.  We are wonderfully made! 

Can you remember WHOSE you are? You are exactly who God says you are, and He loves you beyond every circumstance, emotion, chaos, confusion, or pain.  

In the midst of my worry, I am choosing to remember that my God created me, called me, equips me, and sustains me.  


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