Here at Central – we believe that you really get to the ‘nitty-gritty’ in a smaller setting.  This is why we offer our
D-GROUPS (Discipleship Groups).  These are, essentially, small Bible study groups that meet here in The Zone.  We currently have 4 girls small groups and another 4  groups made up of our guys.  We even have a college group that gets together on Wednesdays, but check out the college page for that info. They get together (at least) once a week and talk about the issues (good and bad) in their lives and see what God’s Word says about it.  It’s a very laid-back environment with ‘no pressure’.  We’d be excited to have you come and be a part of the “funness” that’s going on here at Central!

Feel free to stop in and check it out.

D-GROUPS meet on Wednesday Evenings @ 7:30 pm  right after in The Zone (Enter Door #21) and wrap up @ 9 pm.
Bring your Bible – but if you don’t have one – we will give you one when you get here.