The Bible speaks of the church functioning as a body, with each part having an important role.  We see this clearly when the body is working together well, but what happens when part of the body is hurting? We all experience seasons of brokenness, but that is not the place in which we were meant to dwell.  To dwell is to live, speak, and think from a certain place or experience.

Here is a difficult question to answer, but important to think about: what are you contributing to the rest of the body? To the rest of the church? To the community around you?

I am realizing that what I am experiencing in my heart, mind, or spirit, may unintentionally leak to the rest of the church.  Have you been battling anger, frustration, negativity, worry, etc.?

Let me encourage you!

Here is what I know to be true:

Our God is the healer.

Our God restores.

Our God sets us free.

Our God strengthens us.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to heal and mend the brokenness in our lives, we become powerful contributors in the church.  God working through us produces GOOD fruit.  We begin to overflow compassion, mercy, love, joy, and so much more.

When we DWELL with the Holy Spirit, we no longer DWELL in our struggle! That doesn’t mean that healing is an instant process, but we can be confident that if we live, speak, and think from closeness with God through the Holy Spirit, then healing is on its way.

“God help us to keep our hearts and minds aligned to your Spirit.  We ask you for healing, freedom, restoration, and strength, and we believe in your goodness and your love for us.  Amen.”

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Central Christian Church | Mount Vernon, Illinois