I can’t say I ever thought I’d start a devotional quoting Jerry Seinfeld, but he sums up our grass-is-always-greener mentality well:

“’I just want to be out.’…People talk about going out, ‘We should go out, let’s go out. We never go out.’…Now the good thing about being out is you don’t have to be out for long, just long enough to get the next feeling, which you all are going to get. And, that feeling is, ‘I’ve got to be getting back!’…Wherever you are, really anywhere, at some point you’ve got to get out of there. You’re at work, you want to get home. You’re at home, ‘I’ve been working all week, I’ve got to get out.’ You’re out, you say, ‘I’ve got to get back. I’ve got to get up. I’ve got to get to the airport.’ You’re at the airport, ‘When are we getting on the plane.’ The plane takes off, ‘When the plane going to land.’ Plane lands, ‘Why aren’t they opening the doors, so we can get out.’ Nobody wants to be anywhere! Nobody likes anything! We’re cranky, we’re irritable, and we’re dealing with it by constantly changing locations!”

Jesus was always present in the moment God had given Him. His ministry was lived out by loving the person in front of Him. We read in Luke 8 how even in a crowd of people, on the way to heal someone, as people were pushing and shoving, Jesus stops and notices that one individual touched Him. He saw the woman, He saw her pain, and He bent down to help her.

I don’t want to miss the opportunities God has in this bizarre season just because we’re wishing to move on to the next destination.

Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”

There are a lot of things we can’t do right now, but we can acknowledge God and listen to His leading. These unprecedented changes don’t stop the gospel.  God remains. The gospel won’t stay at home. And the Church has the opportunity to come out of this stronger than ever.

So, today, I will be present.

Today, I will love whoever God puts in front of me and remember that He can reach through screens and really, through any limitation that’s handed to us.

Today, I will be grateful.

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Central Christian Church | Mount Vernon, Illinois