KINGDOM – Lesson 4

October 14 & 16, 2016


This series, KINGDOM, has moved us from big fish to the birds. Hopefully the lessons are inspiring you to learn even more about our Creator. Last week’s LifeGroupNotes ended with the question, Is God calling you to get back on track with His plan? What emotions and/or desires did the question raise for you? Over the past week, did you gain any insights about what God is calling you to do?


Read John 14:1. Many people believe worry is just part of their nature. Do you live with constant anxiety? Do you think your answer has more to do with your surroundings or your own personal nature?


Jamie said, “We live in a competitive and anxiety-filled time.” Do you agree? What is it about our culture that brings fear, worry, and stress? How does media play into the mix?


Read Ecclesiastes 5:12. Do you feel wealth brings about more worry than poverty? On what do you base your answer?


Name some specific ways parenthood creates anxiety. What are the main differences between concern and worry?


Jamie suggests, “Sometimes the best way to defeat anxiety is to take action.” In the past, has taking action helped reduce your worries? What do you need to do – now — to reduce worry?


Read Matthew 6:27, 30. How does worry demonstrate a lack of faith?


Think about God’s care in your life. Read Matthew 6:25-27. What do birds teach us about God’s character?


Focus on the spiritual. Read Matthew 6:31-33. Jesus calls us to focus, not on this world, but on Him and His plans. Maybe God has come through for you in the past; maybe He provided for you in a big way.  Take some time to encourage the group with stories you might have.


Live one day at a time. Read Matthew 6:34. How is this verse both honest and practical?


Read Psalm 118:24. Worry and anxiety have become the new normal in our society. Imagine a world where Christ-followers would display what living in God’s arms looks like. Finish your group time by praying that this can become “our” reality.