LifeGroupNotes                                 KINGDOM – Lesson 5

October 21 & 23, 2016


Jeremy kicked off our lesson on chickens by telling us a little about them. Do you remember some of those facts? Maybe you even grew up on a farm and raised chickens. As a group, consider how our human society is a lot like that of chickens. Share some insightful nuggets (not the McNugget kind).



Face forward and watch for warning signs.

Read Matthew 26:31-32. How would you feel if you were one of Jesus’ disciples and He called you out like that? Has anyone every “called you out”, questioning your faith? Read Psalm 1:6 & 119:105.


Own up to your shortcomings and admit your limitations.

Read Matthew 26:33-35. Why do you feel Peter is defensive in this passage? Do you feel our culture owns up or do we tend to get defensive like Peter?


Read 1 Corinthians 10:12; 2 Corinthians 12:10; Colossians 3:12. Explain how our weakness can demonstrate Jesus’ strength in our lives.


Weigh the cost of sin and recognize that sin always hurts.

Read Matthew 26:69-74. How did Peter’s sin affect not only himself but others around him?


Losing is not failure, but not getting back up is.

Read Matthew 26:3-5 & John 21:15-17. How is Peter’s response to his sin different from that of Judas? What was the main factor missing from Judas’ potential turnaround?


Jeremy finishes up his lesson explaining the findings of an experiment on roosters. They found roosters have something in their DNA which allows them to know a new day is about to start. Jeremy said, “What if this rooster was telling Peter, and all of us, that a new day is coming”?


Wrap up your group time praying for one another. If God has already given you a “new day” and your life is different from what it was before, thank Him. Or pray, asking God to give you a new day, to bring about restoration in your life. Ask Him to give you the courage and strength needed to be truly repentant.