LifeGroupNotes                                 KINGDOM – Lesson 6

October 28 & 30, 2016


Jamie starts out comparing us to sheep! I know, tone down the anger. No big deal, the prophet Isaiah did the same. Read Isaiah 53:6. Even the New Testament makes the comparison. Read Matthew 9:36. In what other ways are we similar to our wooly friends?


Our story begins in Luke. Read Luke 15:1-2 with your group. Jamie mentions that “Sinful people were very comfortable with Jesus.” Explain how we know this was true. What made Jesus’ attitudes different from the attitudes of other people in His day?


Read more about Jesus’ attitude toward sinners in Luke 15:3-7. What do these verses say about the Shepherd? How can the Church be like the shepherd in Jesus’ story?


Read Isaiah 53:6. Do you think about the shepherd story different if you don’t picture the lost sheep as a quiet little lamb? Why is this important?


This parable teaches about God’s permissiveness. Why is it vital to look at the story and remember our freedom of will?


Work through this question as a group: How is God’s power and control displayed through His patience and permissiveness? How does the shepherd parable relate to the parable of the lost son?


This parable teaches about God’s concern for individuals. How does this show His greatness?


This parable teaches about God’s aggressive search. Read Psalm 139:7-8. How does this show His compassion?


This parable teaches about God’s joy. Jamie posed a great question to consider together: “Do you ever think about God celebrating and laughing, or do you always see Him scowling and ready to discipline people for sin?”


In our lesson about chickens, we were reminded God can give us a fresh start. Now the lesson about sheep teaches us even more about the wonderful characteristics of our heavenly Father. Does this change anything in your mind? How does our own view of ourselves translate into our view of God? Does our view of ourselves need to change so we can view God for what He truly is?