LifeGroupNotes                    Happy Holidays? – Lesson 2       

Let the discussion begin! Do you usually say “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas?” Discuss why our culture has made the shift and why?

This week we focus in on Mary and Joseph and the conflicts that arose with the coming birth of the Messiah.

Mary’s joy. Read Luke 1:26-56. What stands out to you in this passage? When reading Mary’s reaction, what comes to mind?

Joseph’s unhappiness. Read Matthew 1:19. Now, put yourself in Josephs…sandals, what would your reaction be?

Jamie explains that we should give Joseph credit for holding back his anger. Why, whenever we’re mistreated by someone, do we instinctively want to get even? Discuss and maybe even share a story from your past.

As we learned, Mary may have been disappointed with Joseph’s reaction. Have you ever put your hope in someone and they let you down? Maybe your disappointment has been towards God, how did/do you handle it?

If you want joy, put the feelings and needs of others ahead of yourself. Read Matthew 10:39. Has this proactive approach ever brought you joy?

If you want joy, seek a real encounter with God. What are steps we can take to encounter God on a life changing level? Read through Psalm 73 together. What can we learn from David?

If you want joy, obey and follow God no matter where He leads. Vince Lombardi said, “I believe man’s finest hour, his greatest performance, is in that moment when he’s worked his heart out in a good cause and he lies exhausted on the field of battle, victories.” How does this translate to the Christian life?

Read Matthew 5:6; Philippians 4:7; Luke 2:10-11; Acts 2:46-47. Finish up with prayer, pray that through the conflicts of this season that you can experience true, lasting joy.