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A Playful Response Adolescent Brain Development Anger Getting Your Student to Talk About Spiritual Stuff How to Become a Visionary Parent Parents Matter Texting Lingo Defined How to Raise a Happy Child The Emotional Development of Teens Just Guys Success in Parenting Teens Setting Limits on Teen Dating Teen Driving Tips 5 Minutes a Day to Connect with Your Teen Changing for Good: Overcoming Addictions Kids Can Feel Parents’ Stress

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Social Media Chat:



  • A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media: Helping Your Teenager Navigate Life Online – Mark Oestreicher & Adam McLane
  • Right Click: Parenting Your Teenager in a Digital Media World – Art Bamford, Kara Powell, and Brad Griffin

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Mental Health Chat:



  • Grace For the Afflicted: Viewing Mental Illness Through The Eyes of Faith – Matthew Stanford
  • Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers – Chap Clark
  • Love is Oxygen: How God Can Give You Life and Change Your World – Jarrid Wilson
  • Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission – Amy Simpson


http://hope4mentalhealth.com/ (Rick & Kay Warren)

https://www.nami.org/  (EXCELLENT resource with statistics/fact sheets, explanation of various mental health disorders, and treatment options…literally has EVERYTHING!)

https://www.mentalhealth.gov/ (explanation of various mental health disorders including symptoms and treatment options)

http://mentalhealthgracealliance.org/ (mental health resources for recovery & support)

https://adaa.org/ (Anxiety and Depression Association of America)

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Dating/Sex Resource Page