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Middle School

CIY MIX 2023

July 10-14

CIY MIX is a summer youth conference for 6th-8th graders (2023-2024 school year). It’s happening July 10-14 in Marion, IN. Online registration opens Jan 27 at ; and spots are limited, so register soon!
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If you've already registered and need access to the REQUIRED ADDITIONAL FORMS, click HERE
If you need more information on dates, times and locations for the trip, click HERE
Please fill out this form and click submit. For families with multiple children attending, you will need to complete a separate registration for each child. The price of this trip has been heavily discounted as Central is covering the additional cost. Therefore, we are unable to offer the sibling policy of pay for one child’s trip and receive the rest free. If financial assistance is needed, please email

Additional Required Forms

After submitting the registration form above, please fill out the following forms for each student attending. All of them are required to attend the conference.

Digital Forms

Click on the following button to fill this online form and submit electronically.

Physical Forms

The following 2 forms must be printed and completed manually (can’t be done electronically).

Got questions? Fill out the form below to get in touch with Middle School Pastor, Elisha Smith.

Elisha Smith | Middle School Pastor