Jamie Allen - January 12, 2020

Money Is Not Wealth

The world says wealth is determined by money and possessions. Christians are to live counter-culture. Key Verse: Ecclesiastes 5:10: Those who love money will never have enough. How meaningless to think that wealth brings true happiness! Key points… 1. Earthly riches don’t satisfy because.. • The poor are oppressed by the powerful. • The love of money is never satisfied. • Greedy friends take advantage. • More possessions equals more stress. • Examples of failure create insecurity. • Death takes everything. 2. True riches do satisfy because.. • A truly rich person is content with the simple things of life. • A truly rich person is able to enjoy prosperity as a gift from God. • A truly rich person is fulfilled in their work. • A truly rich person lives every day to the fullest. • A truly rich person develops lasting relationships.

From Series: "Teacher Says"

This four-weekend series will study King Solomon, who experienced everything the world offers. Solomon was the son of King David and had the resources and opportunity to try everything. He documented his pursuits in the Bible book of Ecclesiastes. Series Key Verse - Ecclesiastes 1:1: “These are the words of the Teacher, King David’s son, who ruled in Jerusalem.”

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