Jamie Allen - February 23, 2020



Basketball games begin with the tip-off, the jump ball at center court. We begin with the tip-off, the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. This is when the madness of Jesus’ final week begins. Key Verses: Luke 19:36 – 44 Key points…Jesus stepped down to this world and took center stage knowing people would kill Him. It took courage. It took humility for Him to accept all the praise without losing His level head. It took maturity to ignore His critics and go on. And it took amazing grace to be willing to love and forgive despite rejection.

From Series: "March Madness"

This eight-weekend series looks at Jesus’ final week. We will see it was packed with pressure, stress, and madness. Jesus is the perfect example of how a Christian should react to stress. And we need His example because most us live under stress every day.

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