Jamie Allen

Senior Pastor
I've served as Central’s Senior Pastor since February 1, 2000. I married Tammy on August 12, 1978. We have three children and seven grandchildren. I like to play golf, read, watch classic movies. If I were not a pastor, my ideal job would be a baseball umpire. The Three Stooges make me laugh out loud!

Maddie McKay

Administrative Assistant to Jamie Allen & Jared LeCrone

I’ve been a member of Central Christian Church since I was 11 years old. I consider my position an honor to assist our Senior Pastor Jamie Allen. I help him with sermons, lesson notes, and attend weekly meetings. I also update our website, our new app, and send out weekly emails to our staff and others. People find it interesting that I was born in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. I absolutely love children, watching movies, and hanging out with my family. Jamie, Jared and Jon all make me laugh out loud!


Bryan Springvloed

Executive Pastor / Director of Operations
Married to Wendy, May 23, 1998. Three children: Eli, Lela Kate, Chapman. I like to spend time with family and golf (in that order). What people may find surprising about me is I am from Michigan. The comedian Jonny W makes me laugh out loud.

Linda Ryan

Office Manager
I assist with the day-to-day functions of the church and the following ministries: ebnevolence, Soup Kitchen, Thursday Night Dinner and Food Pantry. I also help organize the Central Mission Trips. I’ve been married to Phil since 1978 & have two sons, Kevin and Mitchell. Kevin is married to Feleesia and we have an amazing granddaughter-MaKaylee and an awesome grandson-Urban. I never thought of myself as adventurous, but in the last few years, I’ve started scuba diving, white water rafting, ziplining & rappelling….not sure what’s next!!! My grandchildren, the Central staff & myself (sometimes) make me laugh out loud.

Bambie Eader

Information Desk - Main Office
I work at the information desk, where I answer the phones and greet people as they come into the church Monday through Friday. I’m also available to help the staff when needed doing various tasks throughout the church. I enjoy meeting new people and volunteering in various organizations. One of my favorite hobbies is floral arrangements.

Pastoral Care

Howard Kraps

Care Pastor
I work to give care to the elderly members of our congregation. I work under the leadership of Randy Sells. My wife Nancy and I have three children, nine grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. I enjoy yard work, antique furniture restoration and some upholstering. I was born in Kentucky in 1929, the year the great depression hit the U.S.A. Good clean, funny jokes is what makes me laugh out loud.

Randy Sells

Care Pastor
As Care Pastor I take care of – Senior adult connection & activities, visiting shut—ins, people at home, nursing homes, and hospitals. I also work with Benevolence, Food Pantry, Soup Kitchen, and Missions. My Wife Jayne and I have three adult children, Scott, Danny, and Barby. We also have four grandchildren- Andrew, Monica, Johnathan, and Gavin. What I like to do in my free time is yard work & flowers, visit people, read, have fun. I don’t like surprises, attention or being up front-BUT, I do like people! Being with friends, watching children play, and a good joke is what makes me laugh out loud.


James McKinzie

Discipleship Pastor
As Discipleship Pastor, my focus is to help people grow in their walk with Christ.  I married Lee Ann on August 4, 1984 (8-4-84 – easy to remember).  We have two adult daughters: Gena and Bria.  We also have been blessed with a grandson, Rhett James.  I love spending time with family and I also love to fish.  The thing people may not know about me is that I am a huge University of Kentucky Basketball fan.  My wife’s contagious giggle makes me laugh – she sounds like Betty Rubble on the Flintstones.

Eric Lyday

Young Adult Pastor
Whether it's music, videos, lighting, or more, my job is to make the services creative and fun for the children and students of Central! I’m also blessed to get to pastor the Young Adults (18-29)of Central.  I married my high school sweetheart Adrienne on June 30, 2012. We have a daughter named Blakely. I love to play golf, well...play anything sports related really. I also spend a lot of time playing music. Due to a newspaper misprint, my name has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Ellen Degeneres Show. Life makes me laugh! It’s just fun, and should be full of laughter!

Jared LeCrone

Connections Pastor
I oversee life groups, volunteer teams, and events. I work to get new people plugged in and help them along in their journey both at Central and with Christ. I've been married to our Women's Pastor, Maria LeCrone, since, May 31, 2008. We have two little girls, Amelia and Everly and we're currently a foster family. I've gotten really good at coloring and tea parties. I like to read, eh, some. I am a huge Cubs fan and love the friendly confides of Wrigley Field. Hearing my wife butcher popular catch phrases such as, “Whip the Leash!” makes me laugh out loud.

Maria LeCrone

Women's Pastor
I get to lead KEPT Sisterhood, our women’s ministry that exists to lead more women to the peace of Jesus.  I’m married to Jared and we have five children which makes for one LOUD (but fun) home!  I love to be outside with my family, eat good food, and read! I am a super fan of the enneagram-I’m a type 2w1.


Trevor Ile

High School Pastor
As the High School Pastor. I lead incoming freshmen through graduated seniors and high school adult leader team. Married to Phoebe, who is employed in children’s ministry. We have a son, Harper and a dog, Taylor. I watch a lot of sports, play slow-pitch softball, and run. I love big cities and would love to live in New York City. Water slides make me laugh out loud, life is better at a water park.

Elisha Smith

Middle School Pastor
I lead Central's middle school programming, including worship services, teaching, and mission trips. Mom-Shelley, Dad-Mitch, & two sisters, Grace and Hannah I read books, take walks, play guitar or violin, & spend time with my cat Callie (whom I love dearly). I thoroughly enjoy listening to some good old-fashioned bluegrass music. Middle School Students make me laugh out loud.

Children’s Department

Phoebe Ile

Children's Pastor
I'm married to Trevor Ile, Central's High School Pastor. We have two incredible sons, Harper and Hudson. In my free time I like to read, spend time with friends and family, and volunteer in the High School ministry.

Rachel Marlo

Assistant to Phoebe Ile

Lynne Mulch

K-2ND Grade Director
I married Justin in 2008 and have two kids, Lainey and Jentry. I enjoy camping, boating and spending lots of time with my family. I hope to one day own a restaurant or food truck! Watching my kids put on a concert makes me laugh out loud.

Ashton Boyer

3rd - 5th Grade Director
I also volunteer as an adult leader in Fusion, Central's high school ministry, during the week! I have 3 sisters, Tarra, Samantha, and Athena. I live with my precious grandma, Reba, and my sweetest puppy, Jake! In my free time, I love teaching gymnastics for Centre Stage Studios, volunteering in cheerleading programs around the county, loving on the new babies the Lord has blessed our church family with, watching HGTV, and reading anything by Lysa TerKeurst! I was a state cheerleading champion before I was 12 and have cheered on 4 different teams from grade school to college. My friends make me laugh out loud, if you don't have friends that make you laugh so hard you cry every day, you're missing out!

Creative Arts

Jon Henninger

Creative Arts Pastor / Director of Ministries

I get to lead our worship and manage one of the most talented creative teams out there! I’ve been married to Sarah since May 2, 2009. We have two little girls, beautiful like their momma: Lyric and Ella Love. I love hanging out with all three HenninGirls, watching Cardinal baseball, and golfing poorly. It seems to surprise most folks the instrument I have the most training on is the violin. Our family loves to laugh…some favorites are America’s Funniest Home Videos, Elf, and Jonnie W comedy!

Hayden Poninski

Assistant to Jon Henninger
My job is basically doing whatever is needed of me. My main duties include creating service orders, coordinating with all the Creative Arts volunteers, and handling all the daily details of the CA ministry. I also volunteer with the high school and young adult ministries at Central which I really enjoy too. Serving is a large part of who I am. I’ve been married to Brooke, a gorgeous little spitfire, since July 8, 2017. I have a problem with sitting still so I always have to be doing something! I love being outside, working with my hands, and sports. Cardinals baseball and Kansas basketball runs in my blood. The Office (TV), no matter how many times I’ve seen it, makes me laugh.

Aaron Fadler

Graphic Artist
I wear many hats here, but generally, I produce graphic material for print/screen/advertising, etc. I also manage Central's website/app and I am the lighting/set designer for the worship center. My beautiful wife Beth and I have been married since July 17th, 2004. My wife and I love to travel. Beaches are our #1 destination. I love to scuba dive. What makes me laugh out loud is quite a lot, actually...but messing with Siri can be great fun!

Mike Smith

Post Production Director
I create and produce all of the video and motion graphics that play on the big screens during service and online. I am single and have two kids: Makayla and Maya. I also have four cats named Milo, Mario, Marshmallow, and Maria. I am a partner of a video production team that films weddings. I find great peace in peeling potatoes. Sarcasm is what makes me laugh out loud.

Steve Dillingham

Live Video Director
I am responsible for overseeing the video team for IMAG (short for Image Magnification) production and online broadcast. I married my wife Kari on May 24, 2014. I like to relax at home on my free time. I like motorsports, especially drag racing. My brother Scott makes me laugh out loud.

Kevin Chastain

Worship Leader - Traditional Service
I am the Traditional Worship Service Leader and I also sing and play trumpet for the contemporary services. I've been married to my wife Sethan since May 20, 1978. We have three grown children who are all married and we have six grand kids. I am an outdoorsy person, love to fish and hunt. I also love music, especially playing my horn. I am older than I let on 🙂 Some of the things my wife says or does makes me laugh out loud. I can thankfully laugh at myself, as I provide plenty of material without trying!

Kris Chamness

Lead Audio Engineer
I am responsible for Centrals many audio needs! I maintain the systems throughout the campus, including everything from mics to consoles, from Kid Depot to the Worship Center.
I am married to my crazy beautiful wife, Sarah Jayne, and we have three amazing, rambunctious kids, Kadence, Rhythm and Isaiah. I love learning more about the audio world, (I’m a geek and proud), reading military novels, and attempting to catch up to my DVR’d shows. I’ve been mixing at Central for over 9 years.

Mark Bevis

Audio Engineer

IT Department

Derek Moore

IT Director

As the IT Team leader I am responsible of all computers and networking here at the church. My wife Becky and I have two wonderful children, Landon and Faith. I enjoy playing and watching sports and spending time with Family.

Facility Operations

Robert Forristall

Director of Facilities

Ted Shaw

Facility Operations
I am in charge of keeping the campus looking clean. From cleaning carpets to washing windows and making sure the bathrooms are spotless, my daily routines make Central feel like an inviting place for people. I married Kathy on July 2, 2005. My wife has one daughter and two sons and we have an awesome four-year-old grandson. I like to do woodworking and watch movies when I'm not watching our grandson. I have a sarcastic side that I keep hidden but it does come out sometimes. I'm not really into sports or fishing. I love to laugh whether it be a joke or if I see something funny or see someone do something that you know is going to end up comical.

Kevin Thompson

Facility Operations
I am part of a team of behind-the-scenes workhorses who strive to keep the entire facility looking beautiful and running smoothly. I am married to my beautiful bride, Ashley and we have a one-year-old son named Declan. I play music and video games, and spend time with my wife Ashley and the family. Love to spend time with God and I serve as a drummer on the CityHope worship team. I played basketball many years ago and have 6 trophies from Centralia Orphan basketball camps.

Ethan Capps

Facility Operations