At Central, we believe in the importance of prayer to transform individuals, the church, and the world. God is calling us to share His love through Pray for One. Pray for One is waking up every day and praying this prayer,

“God, open my eyes to One person who needs Your love today and give me the courage to share it.” 

The Bible tells us that God prearranges divine meetings between you and others who need to experience His love.  Praying the Pray for One prayer opens our eyes so that we can recognize, and show love to, the people God has put in our path. 

A prayer team comes together each week to lift up your requests. Your prayers matter!

Pray4:01 Facebook Group – Click here –

COVID-19 and Social Distancing has reinforced what we already knew – We are better together! 

During these uncertain times, becoming followers of Jesus who pursue God, build community, and unleash compassion with certainty has never been more important or advantageous. Even though we may not be able to gather together in the same location, there are many things that we can still do together. One of those things is to pray.  We are asking everyone to take part in PRAY4:01. It is simple and yet so powerful.  As individuals and as families, we are in uncharted territory. It can sometimes feel like we are being called to move forward urgently but without a map.  Here is how it will work; here’s your map:

For the next six Sundays (4/26 – 5/31), we are asking everyone to pray at 4:01 PM. 

Wherever you are at, whatever you are doing, stop and pray for just a few minutes.  Whether you are in the grocery store, at home watching television, on a walk, working with the public, or whatever you are doing, just stop and pray.

Central is a church that prays for one, which is why we chose the 4:01 time – PRAY 4 1.

Set an alarm on your phone that will remind you to stop and pray at 4:01.  You’re welcome, even encouraged, to pray at this set time every day.

Each weekend you’ll be given specific prayer prompts. Use this as your prayer guide Sunday and the rest of the week.

The PRAY4:01 Facebook Group has been established which will provide additional information.  This group is a way to engage and interact. You can share your own prayer requests, comments, and pictures of people praying during the PRAY4:01.

Satan would like for this virus to separate and divide us.  But we can overcome this by collectively lifting up prayers and praises to God at the exact same time.  There is great symbolism in thinking how this virus can push us together in prayer rather than separate us.

James 5:16 tells us that the earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.  Imagine with me how powerful it will be when we all pray at the same time to our Awesome God.  We can’t wait to see how the wonderful results unfold.

Please share this with as many people as you can as we want great numbers of people praying together.  Please join us in PRAY4:01. Let’s watch God move, together!