PrayerWorks Devotional Day 6 – In the Moment

Many of us try to commit to a regular prayer time each day. Some choose to pray early in the morning when it is still dark out, and others late at night when the world is drifting off to sleep. We are, after all, called to give GOD our best. For some of us, the wee hours of the morning might be when you are at your peak processing, but for others it may be a different time. If you are constantly trying to stay focused, or your mind has a tendency to drift off, you might need to adjust your prayer time. Maybe you tend to fall asleep during your intercessory moments, or you’re contemplating checking your phone. We need to find a time when we can be devoted to Jesus with our mind and schedule.

The apostle Paul encourages the church to “Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and thankful heart” (Colossians 4:2 NLT). We need to be alert when we are communicating with GOD and be committed to the moment. There’s not much that’s more irritating to a conversation than when you are trying to talk, but the person keeps drifting off to sleep, stares across the room, or is constantly checking their cell phone. We need to be devoted to our prayer time, because Jesus is worth carving out some quality time for. Today, set aside some time to devote just to Jesus and just be in the moment.


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