PrayerWorks Devotional Day 10 – The Lost Prayer

How often do our prayers consist of our desires and our wants? We ask GOD to bless, protect, heal, and move on behalf of those that are already in the family of GOD. Our focus lies with those that we love and find connection with. It is no wonder we often pray for our family, our small group, or others in our church. Yet, our minds and hearts seldom gravitate towards the spiritual scarcity of those that do not have a relationship with Jesus. Jesus was so saddened after His ‘triumphant entry’ that Luke 19:41 records that He began to weep because of Israel’s failure to recognize Who He was and their need for a relationship with Him. We as disciples of Jesus should be concerned about ‘the lost.’ We should not only think of ways to share Jesus’ message of love with them, but pray that they might be found in Him. Like Paul, we need to pray about the lost being found.

“Dear brothers and sisters, the longing of my heart and my prayer to God is for the people of Israel to be saved.” (Romans 10:1 NLT)

May the longing of our hearts be that not only our families are favored and fed, but that the lost are found and brought to a right relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pray today for those disconnected from Jesus today that He would tear down barriers and use you in any way to connect them to their Savior.


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