It happens all the time at our house!  I can’t find something (a shirt, my glasses, my phone…).  So, I ask my wife where it is – usually with an accusatory tone as if she is plotting against me to hide everything I need.  Lee Ann calmly walks over to the closet, the drawer, or wherever I had been searching and quickly identifies my “lost” item.  It was right in front of me the entire time and somehow, I missed it.  I’m looking right at something and yet I can’t see it.

I sometimes have the same problem with scripture.  I read a verse in the Bible over and over and somehow, I miss the message that God puts right in front of me.  I’m looking right at it and yet I can’t see it.  Sometimes it takes others to point out the message that I cannot see.  Sometimes events or experiences happen in my life that open my eyes to the Godly message that I previously missed.

Recently I saw a new message in a familiar verse.  Let me explain.  I try to commit some passages of scripture to memory – ones that I find to be applicable and relevant to my life.  One of those verses is 1 Peter 5:7Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.  Because this is one of the verses I have committed to memory, I have read and recited it literally hundreds of times.  And yet, it was only recently that I saw maybe the most important message that God was sharing in this verse.  The recent events of the Coronavirus may have enlightened me.  It was right in front of me all the time and somehow, I had been missing it.

The message I missed for many years has to do with the very first word in the verse, “Give”.  See, if I have an apple and I give it to my friend, it means that I no longer have the apple.  If I have $10 and I give it to my daughter, then I no longer have the $10.  If I have a cheeseburger and I give it to my son-in-law, I definitely no longer have the cheeseburger.  And in the same way, if I have worries and cares, and I give them to God, it means that I no longer have the worries and cares – I gave them to God!

See, I missed this message until recently.  I knew that I was supposed to tell God about my worries and cares.  But the verse says to “give” them to God.  And when you give something to someone, it means that you no longer have it – the other person does.  For the longest time, I mistakenly held onto the worries and cares that I had, in theory, given away.

I know that there are many who are facing difficult struggles and I am not intending to trivialize or minimize your hurts and pains.  But I also know that God wants us to trust Him rather than to live in fear and worry.

So, I’m going to ask that you join me in praying this prayer:

God, I give all of my worries and cares to You.  I choose to no longer think about them but instead choose to enjoy the blessings that you have given me.  I trust You with all of my concerns.

I love it when I can finally see what I had been missing!

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Central Christian Church | Mount Vernon, IL