No matter who you are, where you live, how busy or how comfortable you are being with people right now, we have an opportunity for you!


When you commit your life to Jesus, He empowers and equips you to make a difference. You are uniquely gifted to serve and make the world a better place. For these reasons we believe serving is a vital part of the discipleship journey. It’s our goal when you serve, you know the significant impact you make, you build friendships on your team, and have fun!

We encourage you to take the first step in expressing your interest in serving in one of these ministries. We are committed to you serving where you feel excited and called, so there’s no harm in checking out a few ministries before you find the right fit.



Many people want to serve “where there’s the greatest need.” This may be a great place to start, but ultimately the body of Christ will be most successful if you serve in an area about which you are passionate.

Reflect | What breaks your heart? What energizes you? What change do you want to see in the church or world?


How you serve is defined by your spiritual gift. We all have different gifts. It’s our job to find out what that gift is, and use it to glorify God and strengthen others. You’re more likely to be passionate about your service when you’re utilizing your God-given gifts.



Guest Services

Be a part of a team that strives to live out the Gospel by making people feel safe, welcome, and at home. The Guest Service Team covers a large area of our campus. They have a welcoming presence from the parking lot all the way into the Worship Center and beyond. [Volunteers are scheduled on a month-on/month-off rotation]

Kid Depot (Birth-5th Grade)

Your kids can learn the basics of the Christian faith in an age-appropriate environment. These engaging, participatory experiences are tailored specifically to help them grow mentally, socially, and spiritually. They’ll have the chance to interact with kids their age, have lots of fun and learn about God, all in a safe setting. Whatever your skill set, we have a position for you! [Volunteers are scheduled on a month-on/month-off rotation]

Student Ministries

IGNITE (middle school) is full of fun with weekly programs, one-time events, student conferences, retreats, and so much more!  Each Sunday Students have the opportunity grow through small groups that  go deeper into the word of God through reading scripture,  discussions, and prayer. [Volunteers are scheduled on a month-on/month-off rotation]

FUSION is the hub and heartbeat of the High School student ministry.  All worship, lessons, and videos are formatted to engage students in their stage of life. Fusion places a high emphasis on learning what God speaks to us through the Bible and how that impacts the world around us.

Creative Arts

Are you interested in the areas of music, video, promotion, art, design, writing, photography, or production?  Central’s Creative Arts is the place for you. They are a community of creative thinkers and artists where you can grow in creativity, develop resources to build the local Church and expand the Kingdom of God. [Volunteers are scheduled depending on their role, availability, and rotation.]


Be a part of the team that supports the weekend experiences and is ready to respond to emergency and medical situations! [Volunteers are scheduled on a month-on/month-off rotation]

Campus Team

A group of energetic, hard-working volunteers who help maintain our campus.  Volunteer opportunities are available any day of the week, no experience required.


Bus Drivers assist in transportation for the 9:15 Sunday service, as well as, Central’s Thursday Community Dinner. Volunteers pick up those who can’t make it to Central on their own. No special license required. [Volunteers are scheduled one/or more months for the year.]

Food Ministries

Meet the physical needs of individuals at Central and in our community by providing meals. [Volunteers are scheduled on a once a month rotation.]


Support individuals and families during times of need.  The Care and Support team exists to extend the love, comfort and compassion of Jesus Christ.  Opportunities range from writing cards of encouragement, making and delivering hot meals, facilitating our support group meetings and calling and praying for those in need.

Short-Term Missions

Make a difference beyond the doors of the church. Build churches, travel
the world, help the local community all while serving others. [Short-Term Mission opportunities are scheduled throughout the year.] 

Stream Team

Central’s Stream Team is a new ministry opportunity where volunteer groups travel to off-site viewing locations to engage with residents who worship with Central online. The majority of those sites are assisted living centers located within an hour of Central. [Volunteers are scheduled on a once a month rotation.]

We understand – there are quite a few options and it can be overwhelming! If you aren’t sure, or have any questions, let us know and we are happy to assist you or direct you in any way we can!


“Be involved in the greatest thing going — the local church.”

– Senior Pastor Jamie Allen