In discouraging seasons where do you find encouragement?  I know for me I am constantly uplifted and encouraged by music.  Song lyrics seem to cut through any situation and speak directly to the soul.  What I love most is the truth that is declared through song.  We can declare God’s promises in many different ways, but there is something powerful about the combination of God’s promises with a melody.  It’s as if what was already strong and powerful is made even stronger and more importantly, understandable.  Relatable.  During the last several weeks I have turned to music for encouragement more than ever before.

Recently a song called “The Blessing” was written and released by Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe and Elevation Worship.  If you follow Christian music at all I’m sure you’ve heard it.  What I love about most worship songs is the majority of the time they are taken directly from scripture.  Is there a sweeter sound than that of God’s words and promises being lifted up by His people through song?  The verse of this song comes directly from Numbers 6:24-26.

VERSE: The Lord bless you / And keep you / Make His face shine upon you / And be gracious to you / The Lord turn His / Face toward you / And give you peace

Doesn’t that sound like a prayer you have lifted up before?  Especially over the past several weeks?  Not only are these powerful words to sing, but they help us understand what a blessing is supposed to do.  A blessing is one way of asking God’s divine favor to rest upon others.  This particular blessing conveys in five parts the hope that God would:


When you ask God to bless others or yourself, you are asking Him to do these five things.  The blessing you offer will not only help the one receiving it, it will also demonstrate love, encourage others, and provide a model of caring to others.  I imagine when we pray for one it has this same effect.  I can’t think of better qualities we could be modeling for our society in this current time.  Love, encouragement to others, and caring for others.  The song doesn’t stop there though, check out these declarative statements!

Bridge: May His favor be upon you / And a thousand generations / And your family and your children / And their children, and their children

Bridge: May His presence go before you / And behind you, and beside you / All around you, and within you / He is with you, He is with you

Bridge: In the morning, in the evening / In your coming, and your going / In your weeping, and rejoicing / He is for you, He is for you

Don’t those lyrics fire you up?  God’s favor is over your family, AND your children, AND their children!  His presence has already gone before us, it’s behind us and beside us.  Even when we don’t feel it, or know it, or sometimes deserve it.  God is with YOU.  He’s surrounded YOU with His presence.  The even better news?  His presence is with us in the morning, and the evening!  It’s there in our sorrow, and our joys.  Why does a God that is so powerful surround us with all this favor, blessing, and peace?  Because He is for YOU.  He is FOR YOU.  HE. IS. FOR. YOU.  We may be quarantined but God’s presence isn’t.

So on this Monday morning I’m asking you to offer up a blessing.  I’ve included in this devo a video of the song, “The Blessing” recorded by Fusion Worship (Central’s High School Service Worship Band).  Take some time to sing and pray these lyrics over your household, but don’t stop there.

Take some time to pray for your one, and offer up this blessing over them and their household.  Walk your neighborhood, and offer blessings over your neighbors as well.  Go to the hospital parking lots and offer up blessings there.  Drive to our closed schools and offer blessings over our teachers, and students.  God wants to give us those five things above, we just need to ask.  Let’s encourage not just ourselves today, but those around us through worship, prayer, love, kindness, and care.  “God would you open our eyes to one person today that we can be a blessing to, and give us the courage to share your blessings upon them.”

Never forget, no matter the circumstance.  He is for you.

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Central Christian Church | Mount Vernon, Illinois