Lead By Example

This past weekend Jamie finished up the Truth in Troubled Times series when he spoke about Communicating the Truth.  It’s not enough to just know the truth, we must share it and pass it on to others – especially to our kids and grandkids. 

I am blessed to have the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time with my two grandsons.  My almost three-year-old grandson, Rhett, was at our house recently as I was pealing and slicing a peach.  Although Rhett had never eaten a fresh peach before, I knew that he would love it because he loves fruit.  However, when I offered it to him, he told me “No thanks.”

I appreciated his polite demeanor, but it was now “Game On” for a game that Rhett didn’t even know we were playing.  This game of “Get Rhett to Try the Peach” is a game that many parents and grandparents play.  It’s frustrating when you cannot get kids to eat what they should be eating!

My first attempt to get him to eat it was simply to explain that it was really good and that he would like it.  His response, “No thanks”.  Next, I became a little more stern, “Rhett, you need to take a bite of this peach and do it now.”  His response was still, “No thanks.”  I became determined to get him to eat the peach and even considered slipping a slice into his mouth as he was talking.  But I refrained.  How frustrating when we know something is good for them and yet they won’t even try it.

Sometimes people whom we love (children, parents, siblings, friends) refuse to believe the Truth of Jesus.  We try to explain to them that a relationship with Jesus is really good and that they would like it.  And they politely respond, “No thanks”.  We may even get stern with them and tell them that they need to go to church, that they need to read the Bible, that they need to live according to God’s values.  But still the response is, “No thanks.”  At this point, we are tempted to force feed them the Gospel.  How frustrating when we know something is good for them and they won’t even try it.

Back to Rhett and the peach.  I finally just sat down and started eating the peach myself.  Lee Ann came into the room and took a bite as well.  When Rhett saw Lee Ann and I enjoying the peach, he decided to take a bite – He loved it!

1 Corinthians 11:1 says, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”

Maybe our best approach for communicating the Truth of Jesus to those whom we love is to lead by example.

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