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The resurrection of CHRIST is real. The life He has for YOU is real too!

Fri 6pm | Sat 6pm | Sun 6:30am (Traditional Sunrise) | Sun 8am | Sun 9:15am | Sun 11am
Kid Depot will be available for all contemporary Easter services for 3 years and under.  

Sun 9am on WSIL Channel 3

If you’d like to be baptized at Central on Easter Sunday afternoon, join Lead Pastor Jon Henninger and his wife Sarah in the Worship Center at 12:30pm. Celebrate with friends & family on this special day!
(Grade school children should contact Children’s Pastor Phoebe Ile – - before being baptized).


Statistics show that over 70% of people would attend a church service if they received a personal invite.
So why not share with your friend, family, neighbor or colleague and invite
them to discover the greatest day in history!
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Plus, we still have physical invite cards at the church office.