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Everything we do at Central revolves around relationships, both with God and with other people. We believe relationships matter most because they lead us to THE relationship that matters most…knowing Jesus! No matter where you are or have been in life, Jesus loves YOU, and so do we!


We value the Bible as the unchanging source of truth. 

We believe The Bible is God’s living Word that guides our life choices with final authority in all matters of faith, future, and morality.


We value strong families.  

We believe healthy, Godly families are the foundation of a strong church and a better society. We unapologetically give a great deal of attention and resource to developing every part of the Christ-centered family.


We value developing our daily walk with Christ.

We believe the faith journey takes daily effort as we try to become more like Christ and bring others to Him. Commitment to personal discipleship, healthy community, and using our ability and influence to serve are all important parts of spiritual growth.