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Jon Henninger

Lead Pastor
Central is a family church! As our staff has the great privilege and responsibility of serving the Central Family, it’s impossible for us to be truly effective without the constant support of our own families! So scroll on through, see who does what, and catch a glimpse of the people behind us helping make it happen! 
From our families to yours, welcome home!

Meet the team.

Bryan Springvloed

Executive Pastor

Administration / Office

Linda Ryan

Office Manager

Bambie Eader

Information Desk / Main Office

Kolyn Borah

Administrative Assistant to Jon Henninger


James McKinzie

Discipleship Pastor

Maria LeCrone

Women's Pastor

Shayln Vaughn

Connections Director

Hayden Poninski

Young Adults Pastor

Randy Sells

Senior Adult Pastor

Howard Kraps

Care Pastor


Trevor Ile

Family Ministries Pastor

Elisha Smith

Middle School Pastor

Phoebe Ile

Children's Pastor

Ashton Boyer

KD  Director

Amira Crawford

KD Director

Pacey Reynolds

High School Pastor

Creative Arts

Eric Lyday

Creative Arts Pastor

Aaron Fadler

Graphic Artist

Steve Dillingham

Live Video Director

Jared LeCrone

Communications Pastor

Caden Vaughn

Post Production Director

Kevin Chastain

Worship Staff

Fran Campos

IT Director

Eli Gallinger

Worship Staff

Noah Hanson

Worship Staff

Jeremy Jackson

Lead Audio Director

Brooke Poninski

Worship Staff

Mark Bevis

Audio Engineer


Robert Forristall

Director of Facilities

Ethan Capps

Facility Operations

Ted Shaw

Facility Operations

Aden Boone

Facility Operations

Kaden Page

Facility Operations


Chapel Davis

Nick Malone


Craig Olsen
Mark Rudofski
Dave Lowery
Josh Davis
Kevin Cummings
Nate Carter
Jason Berry
Steve Smith
Bryan Springvloed
Jon Henninger