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 The Central Podcast Network is a collection of voices with the intent to bless, train, and sometimes just laugh with this community we call Central Christian Church.  With these podcasts the Central Podcast Network hopes to reach women, men, young adults, and EVERYONE who are daily pursuing Jesus.  

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The Central Podcast features the most recent lessons and exclusive content from Central.
Our desire is to everyday and in every way, "Bring the Praise"! Through stories and experience P.R.A.I.S.E Podcast discusses what it looks like to be leaders in a church and in life. Join worship leaders Eric and Brooke as they continue to explore how to encounter and experience Jesus more each day through engaging and fun conversations!
 Leading is hard. Leading young is even harder. In this podcast Pacey Reynolds and Nick Malone tackle the difficulties of being a young leader both in the church and the business world. Are you an "old" leader? Listen to learn how to better develop those young leaders on your staff now! No matter the age there is something for everyone by leading young.
Episodes drop every other Monday.